Big News

Hi Friends,

With great joy, I wanted to write to let you know that I’ll be transitioning from Chicago Votes this month for my next big thing. And I cannot express how truly fired up I am about the leadership thanking the reins. Christian, Rudy, De’Jaun, Jen and Tamara are rocking it.

I can’t believe all the things we’ve built together in just a few years:

  • We passed landmark voting rights and modernizations bills (one, two, three) and help co-founded the Just Democracy coalition, which is continuing to work to make Illinois the best state in the nation to be a voter (Automatic Voter Registration, here we come!)
  • We registered thousands of new, first time voters, tested new ways to get them out to vote and made history when it comes to youth voter turnout in Illinois.
  • We trained dozens of young leaders who are working all across this city making big things happening in their neighborhoods, on their campuses, and in lives of others.

Also, did you see the parades to the polls video? Yeah, we did that.

Christian Diaz is serving as interim Executive Director after being a Chicago Votes volunteer, Board President and the official team Bringer of Cheer. We are also excited to announce that Chicago Votes is officially mounting our search for a new Executive Director. So check out the executive director job description here and recommend folks by emailing

In the meantime, our team is making even more big plans. I can’t wait to volunteer at their next event (Pride Parade!) and donate at their next fundraiser (DemocracyCorps Graduation in August!). And you will too. ‘Cause this is all just gonna keep getting better.

It’s been wild, y’all.

Thank you.

All the Best,

Rebecca Reynolds,
(former) Executive Director 😉